The Home Handyman

If you answered "YES" to either question...
then let us help you get closer to preparing for that day.

We'll set up a plan of action that has you, your schedule and budget in mind!

We begin by doing a "walk-through" the residence, to assess what areas need sprucing up!
Once the list of problems have been identified, this will become our Task List.
We will address: cleaning, refreshing and preparing to make each room attractive and acceptable to the potential buyer/renter.


If you have limited funds, let us suggest "track proven" cost-saving measures that won't break your budget, and still make the place look clean and refreshed.

If you have only a small amount of time to get your place in order, let us know when you want to put it on the market and we'll only address the essential areas to attract buyers.
Tony did work on my house over several years and then helped me get it ready for sale. He was great at recommending specific areas where my budget would be best spent. My realtor and her stager came in afterwards and said the house was completely ready for the market.
Jeffrey R.
Winchester, Mass.

Let this busy time be worry-free for you, so that you can attend to other matters while we handle the chores of getting your place ready for you or your realtor to show.