The Home Handyman
We just couldn't recommend Tony highly enough. His work is exem- plary, and reasonable as to cost. He's transformed our living space from an OK, pretty nice house to a lovely 1920s-era HOME that we are extremely proud of. We can't thank him enough, and there are more projects we want to do with him.
John B. & Tom R.
Brighton, Mass.
  • Having trouble looking to spruce up your surroundings?
  • Trouble choosing what colors coordinate with others?
  • Want to repair cracks and holes you've been ignoring?

Contact us with your requests and concerns, and we can set up a time to meet so that you can present the tasks that need addressing.


If you've already chosen colors, we're well on the way to scheduling a time for us to come and paint your place. BUT, what if you have all your color chips but still can't decide? Our experience with color has helped many homeowners through that period of indecision so that the colors chosen will be the right ones for the rooms in question. We will start by looking at: room decor, rugs, curtains, lighting and furniture, as this will affect what colors will coordinate with what you already have.


The beginning of any good paint job is wall prep. We will prep walls and trim, caulk any unsightly gaps and repair cracks and holes for a finish you'll be proud of.
Choosing a good quality paint that fits your budget is also important. Don't skimp at this stage, since that paint will be permanently on your walls, until you decide to refresh the room or change its color.


• Looking for an out-of-the-ordinary wall treatment?

Visit the Murals and Faux Painting section of our site. You'll be surprised that with just the stroke of a brush, we can create a wall treatment that's unique to you!